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Jamie Chalmers, Managing Director – Project Manager

Jamie built his first house after completing his Bachelor's degree in Management & Economics at the age of 22. Having spent 7 years working with Milton Keynes Local Authority dealing with planning and infrastructure he decided to set up his family business Chalmers Homes Ltd. Over the previous 4 years, Jamie has managed to service growth of his business through his understanding of construction & project management

I’ve been interested in architecture and the built environment for most my life so when I finished my degree I embarked on my first self-build project, the conversion of an old agricultural building in the village of Weston Underwood, Buckinghamshire. With the help of family and some contacts in the industry, I produced designs and obtained planning consent. The project began in July 2003 and was completed in early 2004. Not only had I built equity into the property and secured a wonderful home but I was hooked on building houses from start to finish.

In 2005 I undertook a postgraduate qualification in Town and Country Planning and secured employment in a Local Planning Authority building infrastructure to support new housing projects.

After gaining a wealth of experience I decided to start a bespoke building and project management company so that I may help others achieve their ambition of building or improving their own home.

He is a steady hand at the helm, deals with the innumerable challenges that the construction industry presents on a day-to-day basis and furthermore; has great confidence in the team of professionals that surround him. Always looking to encourage growth, while aligning overall goals with local community and family values.

Mark Chalmers, Site Coordinator – Site Foreman

Jamie’s father and inspiration for starting Chalmers Homes. Mark has over 40 years experience in delivering large scale – bespoke, high-end residential dwellings all over the Home Counties. A fully qualified master builder and specialist in Stonemasonry. Mark commands full respect from his specialist tradesmen and has the ability to motivate those around him on each project. He underpins the ethos of what our family business stands for and as a result, has managed to bring in a range of complex building projects - on time and within budget, time and time again.

Piers Cowley – Acquisitions and Business Development

Piers has joined us with 20 years experience sourcing spectacular property deals across London. With a degree in Real Estate management, he has a proven ability in fostering excellent relationships with estate agents, auction houses and other potential sources of business. With strong ties to the Home Counties, he has already sourced a number of profitable sites and has managed to secure further private investment for the development arm of our business.

Jake Chalmers – Apprentice

Jamie’s brother - A young and highly enthusiastic college graduate. Jake has spent the previous 3 years under the tutelage of Jamie and Mark, taking a ‘hands on’ role in learning all the necessary skills required within the building industry. A true ‘grafter’ - he will no doubt take over the reigns one day!

Zee – Finance administration

A recent and highly valuable addition to our team – Having worked on a house extension project for Zee – our retired economics university lecturer was so impressed by Jamie’s work and vision for Chalmers Homes; that she kindly offered her wealth of experience to assist with finance and ‘back office’ responsibilities for our growing company. We’re very fortunate to have her on board.